Saturday, November 28, 2015

Birthday gift for a coffee drinker

My neighbor's birthday was Thanksgiving day, so I whipped her up a little something to celebrate.
Bettina is a big coffee drinker, and for good reason; her husband makes the most perfect cup of coffee.
I know that because he makes it for me when I visit.
Anyhow, I thought she could use a mug rug for her morning coffee.

I included a new coffee cup and some yummy cookies.
I also included a card giving the details of the little mug rug.
All wrapped and ready to go...
Happy Birthday Bettina!


Kathy E. said...

What a lovely, thoughtful gift! Usable gifts are always the best and you are a wonderful neighbor!

Debbie said...

love, love, love it! and milano pumpkin spice? whoa!