Tuesday, April 2, 2019

WIP (work in progress)

Yes, I'm still here...not making my blogging goal of twice a week.
Why is that?
I have good intentions.
Really, I do.
Sometimes it's life getting in the way and sometimes
(if I'm being honest)  I'm just not in the mood.
  I would rather be sewing.
And another excuse reason...
I'm not a writer.
 Sometimes it's a struggle for me to put two coherent sentences together.
(Obviously, skipping school was my favorite subject 😉)

Anyhow, I have been able to keep (and exceed) my goal of making at least one small little quilted project a month.
So far since January I have completed eight small projects.
That's almost three a month!

My "done is better than perfect" project.

One thing lead to another

A gift for a friend

A little February sewing.

Hiding your mistakes

Scrappy little hearts

More scraps

Dresden Plate

Yay for me!

Grant it, they are very small projects, but that's okay.
My whole goal was to get back into sewing after my year off.

My latest project WIP.

The Flying Dutchman.

It's actually just Flying Geese... arranged a little different.

Almost done.
Be back soon...

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Roosters, hens and baby chicks

My neighbor's kitchen and dining area are decorated in roosters and chickens.
LOTS of roosters and chickens.
When her birthday rolled around last year I was trying to come up with a gift I could make with my Cricut.
I found these glass cutting boards on sale at Walmart and (with future gifts in mind) bought five of them.

These cutting boards are super easy to personalize using your Cricut.
The design is put onto the back of the cutting board so all I needed to do was make sure I reversed all lettering before cutting it out. 

Mom, Dad and the three baby chicks.

Because the design is on the back, it's still a usable cutting board.
Hand wash only.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hiding your mistakes

I've got lots of excuses for not making my blogging goal of posting twice a week.
Wanna hear them?
Well then, I will spare you the details and move on....

Even though I haven't blogged lately, I have been sewing.
I even finished a couple things.
 I just haven't found the time to blog about them.

One thing I have been experimenting with is free motion quilting.
Originally I stitched up a small scrappy piece to practice on, but decided to try on a muslin sandwich instead.

Good thang.

What I found out so far, is I'm not very good at it and I need LOTS of practice.
Why do all those U-tuber's make it look so easy?

 I decided since I need LOTS more practice I would just use a few decorative stitches on my machine instead.
I really like the looks of this wavy stitch.

One problem.
I ran out of bobbin midstream and then couldn't figure out where to begin stitching again so I ended up with this...

So, I quickly hid my mistake!

I now have a new mug rug.

None the wiser.

See ya soon.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wrapped in history

I woke this morning to 43 degree weather.
I know for some of you that would be balmy, but I'm a Florida gal and it's freezing to us.
This got me thinking about the women in my family who hand quilted blankets out of necessity - not hobby.
 Aren't these pretty?

We inherited these when my mother and mother-in-law passed away. 
All hand made by my mother, my grandmother, my mother-in-law and both Mr. Fisherman's grandmothers.
Some have been well loved over the years and are tattered and torn.

Doesn't make them any less beautiful to me...

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A gift for a friend

A few weeks ago one of my closest friends visited from Georgia and brought me wonderful handmade gifts made by herself and her daughter.
I love handmade.
 I know how much time and love goes into handmade.
Teresa made this beautiful Vanilla Lemon scented candle.

So pretty...

Heather (her daughter) owns a goat farm in Tennessee and makes this yummy Orange Hand Scrub.

My house feels like a spa :-)

While Teresa was visiting she noticed a few of my mug rugs and said she had never heard of a mug rug.
I took that as an opportunity to make her one!

These little mug rugs are a quick afternoon project, but it always takes me forever to decide on the design, fabric, etc.
After I have chosen the design and fabric it goes together quickly.

Even hand stitching the binding on the back doesn't take long.

I feel like hand stitching your binding looks much neater.

Sometimes machine stitching in the ditch from the front is a guessing game to see if you have caught the binding in the back and it tends to look a little messy to me.

I don't always hand stitch my binding.
Depending on what I am making, I might choose to stitch the binding to the back first and then stitch it down on the front using a zig zag stitch or a decorative stitch.

I mailed it to her and she is already using it!

I sent her a note with it that said "A mug rug - just enough room for a drink and a snack".

Wonder which one is her drink and which one is her snack???

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