Sunday, September 5, 2021

A clean cutting table...

 Has it really been a year?

Yep. One year since I posted.


What have I been doing?


Just haven't had the mojo to blog about it.

After a year of staring at this thing taking up all the space on my cutting table, I decided it was time.... time to bite the bullet and finish it.

I did get a small push from Lea Anne at Podunk Pretties after reading her "Fudging It" post.

Lea Anne made me feel so much better about all the "fudging" I had to do to make this thing come together.

 Lea Anne is a quilter and pattern maker who is brave enough to admit she and most quilters do "fudge" to get their quilts to come together. 

The top is finally pieced. 


These pieces were so tiny.

It's pretty wonky, and a lot of points don't exactly match up, but if you look at it from really far away it's not all that bad.


 Right now I haven't any fabric for the back or binding. 
Until this pandemic calms down and I'm finally able to shop, it will be folded, put away and finally off my cutting table.

Thank you Lea Anne.

The hardest part is done.  


pbrenner said...

I love those tiny little pieces and how your top turned out! What a timely post for me! I am a long time sew-er but brand new to making quilts (unless you count the one time I sewed 12" squares together for a small baby quilt and just stitched in the ditch to quilt it). I have been so intimidated by the perceived perfection needed that I never let myself get started. Somehow I stumbled upon several videos on You Tube and one of them was Lea Anne's, which also led me to her blog. I *love* her preferred colors and the scrappiness of her quilts. I then started watching many other quilters on You Tube (Jordan Fabrics, Deb Tucker, MSQC, Quilt in a Day, to name just a few). I've got a big bag of tricks from all those videos, plus I noticed that many of their pieces are off just a bit here and there - but the finished quilts look so fantastic! I decided that if these professionals can accept small imperfections, then I can too. I've started my very first 'real' pieced quilt and I'm loving the process so far. I won't be doing any teeny tiny patchwork for a long time - I'll leave that to you experienced quilters :-) Sorry for the essay, but you really hit a nerve (a good nerve lol) I'm delighted to see your post, and hope your mojo has returned and we'll be seeing more soon!

FlyAwayHome said...

Well hey, pbrenner and thanks for stopping by. Don't you just LOVE You Tube! I really like Missouri Star Quilt Company and Jordan Fabrics. Great videos. I need to check out Deb Tucker. I have several Quilt in a Day books I inherited when my mother passed away. She has some pretty easy quilts to finish in a day. They all make it seem so easy, don't they? I did learn a few tricks from my mom years ago, but again, she made it look so easy. I would love to see what you are working on.
Not sure how long this mojo will last....we'll see. LOL