Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Everyday Napkins

I am setting aside my Farm Girl Vintage blocks today to sew a few much-needed everyday napkins.

The stack above was getting pretty worn - I thought it was about time.

I like larger napkins - around 18  to 20 inches.

My everyday napkins usually come from leftover fabrics from another project or older fabrics I purchased and never found a use for.

As you see, I am not too worried that my everyday napkins don't always match.

 While I do try to make at least four matching napkins, there are many times I don't have enough leftover fabric for four large ones so I work with what I have.

To be honest, I fold them as I pull them out of the dryer and stack them in a basket. 

I don't worry that all the matching ones are folded together.

No one in my family really cares if the napkins match at a meal.

We just grab one off the top and sit down.

I have sewn cloth napkins many times in many different ways.

For our everyday napkins, I find using a serger is the quickest solution.

While I do find using a serger is the very quickest I still love a nice neat hem.

  I recently found this YouTube video that looked interesting and thought I would give it a try.
They looked super easy and pretty quick to make. 

I found this border fabric in my stash and thought it would make really pretty napkins.

 I had just enough to make four 18 inch napkins.

Just look how nice the mitered corners come out.

Because they came out so pretty, I decided to make a little tag and give them as a gift.

I have never thought about using border fabrics for napkins until now.
I will definitely be on the hunt now for more border fabric.

Back to MY everyday napkins...

As you can see, for every day they don't need to match or even be the same size.

Just use what you have.

Speaking of napkins, be sure to come back tomorrow...
I have a yummy recipe I am going to share.


Naptime Seamstress said...

Lovely! What fabric content do you prefer? I do not like the store bought cloth napkins I own, I think because they must have some polyester in them.

FlyAwayHome said...

Hi Naptime Seamstress, Thanks for visiting. I prefer 100% cotton fabric. I also don't like store-bought for that reason...polyester. I find polyester not as absorbent as cotton. Cotton washes well and if folded out of the dryer they usually take no ironing. Honestly, the only time I iron them is for company or special occasions:)