Monday, September 6, 2021

It's Football Season !

Some say there are really only two seasons...

Football Season
Waiting for Football Season.


While we were in the Waiting for Football Season I had a little fun with my Cricut.

I rummaged through my sewing/craft room for colored construction paper and things to recycle.

First, I found this pet-themed shadowbox I had purchased at The Dollar Tree some time back. 
I actually bought three of them with the thought of recycling them. 

I removed the Pet-friendly insert and painted it "Gator" blue.

It just took a little construction paper and vinyl to go from 
pet-friendly to football-friendly.

On one of his trips to Home Depot, Mr. Fisherman purchased a few different size tiles for me to play with.
I used one of the plain white 4x4 tiles and added a bit of orange and blue vinyl.
(Orange and blue - Florida Gator colors - of course)

Speaking of Mr. Fisherman...
he made me a few "stands" out of a wire hanger for the tile and the #1 sign.

He's just so smart and handy to have around 😉
(Not to mention handsome)

I then added removable vinyl to a plain white cereal bowl making it "The Gator Bowl".
Get it? The Gator Bowl? 
The Gator Bowl is an annual college football bowl game held in Jacksonville, Florida.
Now, you get it.

And here ya go...

...finished and ready for actual Football season!

Last but not least... I made new Gator shirts for game day.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Go Gators !

Oh, by the way, not to brag but...
 The Gators won their first game of the season Saturday night against Florida Atlantic.
14 - 35
Whoohoo !

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