Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011

I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the New Year.
I spent New Year's Eve reorganizing my kitchen cabinets.
All I started out to do was find a better way to store my spices and ended up in
an all day project.
Along with my gift cards, Santa left me a DYMO label maker in my stocking this year
 and I could not wait to use it!

Usually I store my spices in baskets in the cabinet, but it started looking a little messy to me.
I purchased these small containers and the spice bottle fit perfectly.
Depending on the size bottle I can fit 4 or 5 in each container.

Check out all my cool labels!

When shopping for containers for my spices, I came across a few other handy little items....
I love this container; it's great for "corralling" all those little packets of stuff.
In the past I was using plastic baskets - these look so much neater.

I do still use these baskets for my lids and a few other items I need to grab quickly.


I  had one of these three tiered shelf organizers before and hated it.
 My old one was wire and nothing seemed to stay on it.
This one has a nonskid surface on each self. I love it!
As you can see, I am a "what's cheaper, or what do I have a coupon for" girl.
No name brand snob here!

Everything else still looks pretty much the same.



Gail said...

This is amazing. You have given me a lot of items.

Kimberlee said...

Love the labels! Isn't funny how small projects end up becoming much more than we intend them to be, LOL! I don't think there is a 'good' way to store tupperware.

Debbie said...

Oh! I so need a label maker...I've been putting it off for years but you have planted the "organization seed"!
I've found that Tupperware can be a pickle to stack but you just keep playing with it and then it all fits like a puzzle. :)

Janine said...

I wish you a happy new year with a lot of new projects
I speak a little english because I'm French from the West Indies but I like a lot your blog because you have very nice ideas for sewing, embroidering, decorating, cooking
(I'm on Sew forum)
My blog is

Polly said...

Love seeing a young one named Polly these days! :-)

Kara said...

I heart your cupboards and your label maker. Your organization makes my heart skip a beat...seriously.

Terri said...

You are one organized gal...wish I had your enthusiasm to get a job like this done. Loves me some fact I have two machines, but I am just not quite this motivated, maybe some day...insert *sigh* here!

On a side note, Lucy...if you get a chance to pop over to my blog, I would love for you to take a peek at the little tutu tote that I made my granddaughter for Christmas. Your embroidery machine sure would have come in handy!

Brandi said...

You are seriously organized! I love all the labels!

Polly said...

Lucy this is awesome! I hope to get my pantry organized one day! You are my inspiration!!

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

I would LOVE a new label maker. I have a little one, but have been eye balling a bigger one! You did a great job and everything is so neat and tidy! Great job!

Becky B.

Cheryl said...

Great post! I'm label crazy too and my family kids me about it all the time. One day my daughter-in-law snuck in and used my label maker to label the few things I've the plants! Enjoy,
Cheryl @ 22 Applegate lane


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