Monday, July 21, 2014

Serger love....

Mr. Fisherman bought me my first serger over 20 years ago.
I'm now on my second one and have no idea what I would do without one.
Once you own one...there's no going back.
I inherited this baby when my mother passed away in 2007.
This one (for the most part) threads itself.

My first serger was one you had to thread manually. Until you get the hang of threading a serger you literally want to rip your hair out. Eating glass would be less painful...
 If you own a serger, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
It takes some patience, but eventually it becomes second nature...really.
So, don't let threading your serger stop you from using it, keep trying.
There are so many fun things to do with a serger.
I had just enough of the red and white checkered fabric left from my ant and watermelon table runner to make a quick tablecloth.
By the way...has anyone noticed this is the same fabric I covered the lampshades with on my thrift store chandelier?
Original post here.
Okay, back to the tablecloth...
Originally I was going to serge, turn under a half inch and hem my tablecloth, but after sergering the edges, I decided I liked the look of the serged edge instead.

 I usually like to serge a rolled edge on napkins and tablecloths, but I liked the casual look of these stitches against the red and white checkered fabric.

Whichever you choose, it's "sew" easy to have a new look for your table in minutes!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A little of this...

...and a little of that.
Makes for a quick, and simple dishtowel.

Enjoy your meal or...
Bon appetite!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Quilt as you go

Remember Friday's post?
I wanted to experiment with the quilt as you go technique and do a bit of scrap busting at the same time.
It started like this...

...and ended like this.

Here's how it went.
 I first cut and laid my strips down. I then printed out copies of the designs and placed them where I wanted them to go.
Next, I layered the back fabric and batting and began to sew my strips using the quilt as you go method.
Very easy.
Once the strips were all sewn down, I began my embroidery.
Come on - can these ants get any cuter?

Of course, what's a picnic without watermelon...
 I did like the quilt as you go method, but I had a bit of an issue with my fabric puckering around my embroidery designs due to the thickness of the batting and the two layers of fabric.
Even at that...
I still think it turned out pretty cute!
 Whatcha think?

Friday, July 11, 2014

A simple sketch...

a few scraps...

...and your imagination.
Makes for a fun sewing project!
See ya soon... 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

~ Stash busting ~

Well, sort of...
Well, it started out that way...
 I started going through some of my smaller scraps and decided I could make a few simple placemats or table runners and reduce a good amount of my fabric stash. I've been wanting to experiment with the "quilt as you go" method, so I thought table runners or placemats would be a good start.
Not only would I be reducing my stash but learning a new quilting technique.
It's a win - win!
As I am sorting through my fabric, I am realizing I didn't have much batting.
I prefer the Warm and Natural or Warm and White batting made by The Warm Company.
I like the way it crinkles up after it's quilted and washed.
 It looks more like the quilts my Granny use to make.
 Anyhow, I noticed Hancock Fabrics had all their batting on sale, so off I went.
One problem.
I came home with MORE fabric!!!
I know, I know, don't lecture me - I couldn't resist...

Isn't it pretty? 
I thought to myself, "Wouldn't this make a pretty table runner?" and talked myself right into buying it.
Besides, I can still use some of my stash I have at home to go with it.

Now, I have another problem.
I purchased a small Ottlite they had on sale, but found it's not going to work for me.
Here's my problem...
 I need to go back to the fabric store to return it, so.....
I'm thinking "Horse blinders".
Don't they use those to keep horses focused?
Do ya think they would work on people too?

Wish me luck!

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