Friday, March 26, 2010

Wrist Keyring tutorial

Drum Roll, please......... 
( Be kind, it's my first tutorial ever )

You will need the following supplies.
(don't let the spray adhesive scare you, it's optional)

1. Strip of fabric 1 3/4" x 13" or if you prefer a 7/8" x 13" piece of ribbon.
(Depending on the size of your wrist you may need to cut your fabric strip a couple inches longer to fit your wrist) 

2. 1 inch wide cotton webbing cut the same length of your fabric or ribbon.

3. 1 inch D-ring

4. 3/4" or larger split ring or key ring.

5. *Optional   -   temporary spray adhesive or a strip of Wonder Under the width and length of your fabric or ribbon.        ( this is not necessary but will make your life easier )

    *Tip - If you choose to do any embroidery do it before adding the fabric to the webbing.  

Let's get started

You can skip the first 4 steps if you are using ribbon instead of fabric.

1. Press fabric in half lengthwise wrong sides together to find the center.

2. Now open your fabric up and meet raw edges to center press mark.

3. Repeat for other side.

4. Turn over and press so that the center fold disappears.

5. The next step is where your adhesive spray or Wonder Under will come in handy, but not necessary if you can keep it from slipping.
Spray the backside of your strip of fabric or ribbon and lay it on top of your webbing being careful to center it.

6. To attach fabric to webbing stitch on fabric close to folded edge. Repeat down other side.

7. It should now look like this.

8. Sew a quick zig zag stitch at both ends just to keep the ends from unraveling.
Doesn't have to be neat, you will not see this when it's completed.


9. Now slide your D-ring on.

10. With right sides together fold in half and meet raw edges. Stitch across end several times 3/8"  from raw edge.

11. Turn right side out and adjust D-ring to fit in the crease of the seam you just sewed as shown in the picture below.

12. Fold wrong sides together and using zipper foot (or one that will let you get really close) stitch as close as you can to the end of that zig zag edge. Stitch back and forth several times going over your original seam making it really strong.

13. Add your split ring and your done !

Easy as pie, wasn't it ?

   Now where did I put those car keys ?????


DoriLoh said...

Thank you for this instructions I am very visual, so the photos are terrific

FlyAwayHome said...

So glad I could help and thanks for checking out my new blog.

PeppiS said...

I found your tutorial very useful. I am new to making key chains. Another blogger suggested using some type of edge stitch foot. What type of foot do you need to use to keep those line straight when you sew your ribbon to the webbing? Thank you!

FlyAwayHome said...


You are a "no reply" blogger so I have no way to contact you to reply. I hope you are checking back for a reply. Yes, I do use a edge foot for all my top stitching. I am happy you found my tutorial useful.


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