Sunday, November 28, 2010

Smart or cheap ?

I am always on the lookout for sale items to add to my stash 
of quick gifts to embroider.
JC Penney sends me $10 gift coupons several times a year.
 A few years ago I spotted this set for exactly $10.
Using my coupon I ended up only paying the $.60 tax.


My niece lives in Wyoming and I thought it would make a perfect gift for her.
For $.60, a little thread, stabilizer and about an hour of my time, she now has a very personal gift.
What do you think - smart or cheap?


Jo said...

Smart! It's not the amt you spend its the thought and you have to consider that you personalized it esspecially for her as well

Terri said...

Well, I think smart, cheap and ADORABLE! I love this set, your niece is going to love them too!

Karrie said...

Totally Smart!

Sassy Sites! said...

VERY smart!! Personalized gifts are the best!! :) initials are MB, if you are wondering! haha!

Kara said...

SMART! And i prefer to use the term "inexpensive" :)

Michelle said...

SMART, simple, and cute. She'll love it!

Anonymous said...

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