Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Madge Lee

I know I may sound a bit cheap, but I can hardly bear spending $5 on a birthday card that will be thrown out the next day.
It's not to say, I don't ever send birthday cards, but I would rather spend my dollars on something more useful AND wish them a happy birthday!

I will be mailing Madge Lee this little Happy Birthday dishtowel instead.
Hope she likes it!

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Terri said...

Great idea...and you are right about cards! So over priced and this is so much more personal...btw, my birthday is Monday (wink, wink)!

Love your hutch makeover too! The white paint made a huge this the same room that the darling red chandilier is hanging in? Love it all!

Debbie said...

Welcome back to blog world!!! I've missed ya! And of course love the bd present - I know Hallmark doesn't like me cause I won't spend that kinda $ either. Useful and personalized is the BEST!!

dpeele said...

I agree on the cards thing. This is so much more useful and personal.

Karrie said...

I hear you! I hate cards. They just seem like such a waste of a tree!! Especially when some people only sign their name at the bottom and nothing else.

Love your idea instead!

Wendy said...

What a lovely idea! I haven't bought a birthday card in about 8 years, I always make my own. I find that most people keep them if they're handmade!

Quilted Cupcake said...

I hate buying cards, too. Personal gifts like this are so much better. Love this!


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