Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The "Busy Bees"

Before Oakleigh (my beautiful grandbaby) was born, her mom, Danise, was a teacher.
We are so proud - a school teacher!
With all the talk of school starting this week, it reminded me of her first year of teaching.
Danise chose a theme of "The Busy Bees" for her classroom.
After finding out her theme, I got to work making a few things for her and her classroom.

Here was my first project:
A tote with 4 outside pockets.


Danise is fortunate to be able to stay home with Oakleigh
and chooses to home school her.
So far she is doing great!
Oakleigh is now three years old and besides the obvious - recite the alphabet, count and know all her colors...
She can already spell and write her first and last name!

Besides being a great mommy to Oakleigh, Danise has decided to start her own business as an Arbonne consultant. Being an Arbonne consultant she can choose her own hours and still be able to spend quality time with Oakleigh.

Curious and want to find out more?
Check her out at
or write to:

What? you say - shameless plug?
Nope, just a proud mom!
Good luck Danise on your new adventure.

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Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Lucy I love this teacher bag!! So cute! Too fun that your daughter was a teacher (so was I...I finally get the opportunity to stay home with my Luci this year and help open our bakery). And I think you can shameless plug your daughter all day long if you want :) My nana sells the same products and RAVES about how great the products are.

Terri said...

Good for's never too late to start a new adventure! I am still doing it and I am, well...old! Haha! And you should be a proud Mama!

The tote is the goodies peeking out of the pocket!

dpeele said...

You also made me a clock, hall pass, and shirts with my theme!

Janine said...

Very beautiful this bag
I like the pockets
I'm also a teacher and you give good ideas for a next school bag
(Sorry for my english)


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