Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting ready for fall...

with a creepy, crawly table runner.

This is just too easy using the prequilted fabric.
First, I cut a rectangle the length I chose for my table runner and rounded the corners off.
(Rounding the corners will make it easier to apply the bias tape.)
I then embroidered my candy corn and spiders.
Using this top piece as a pattern, cut out the fabric for the back.

I made my own bias tape from the candy corn fabric, but you can use
purchased if you like.
With wrong sides together baste the two layers together to prevent shifting when you stitch your bias tape on.
I usually sew my bias on the "old fashion way" but I wanted to experiment with my
Adjustable Bias Binder foot.

It feeds through like this...

This is an adjustable bias tape binder.
Depending on the size of your bias tape, it adjusts from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch.
I will admit, it takes a little practice getting used to, but I found it much easier than this contraption....

which feeds through like this...

If you have any good tips or tricks for using this one, please let me know.

Did you notice my table runner is reversible?
Remember that when choosing your fabrics.
You could make one side for Halloween and the other for Christmas.

Have a great Monday!

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Sandy said...

That is so cute... love that it is reversible. I did not know they made a foot for that, so I will have to research and see if I can find one for my machine, as sewing on binding is one of my biggest headaches so far!

Carrie said...

Love the spiders and candy combo! Nice and unexpected. Of course the reversible factor is a great plus.
I have never seen this binding foot - I must check it out!!!


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