Friday, June 8, 2012

I am on a roll...

 Not only am I reducing my amount of stash, but recycling as well.
This Sorbetto top was made from an old curtain.
I lengthened the pattern by 4 inches and (because "the girls" aren't where
they used to be) lowered the darts by about an inch.
Also, if you notice, I removed the center pleat.
(My last post shows the pattern with the center pleat).

I used a little leftover, homemade bias tape from Polly's placemat to finish the neckline.

Here's another Sorbetto top using a longer sleeve pattern.

You need less than a yard of bias tape for the neckline.

My point is - never throw away those scraps (or old curtains) because
you never know...
you may be using them in your next project!

Now go download this FREE Sorbetto top pattern and GET BUSY!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Dang those girls :) I love that you are using your scraps! You will have a whole new wardrobe!! Awesome and amazing!


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