Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Alma Blouse

My semi-wearable muslin....

I say semi-wearable because I have a few fitting issues going on.
I measured Madeline (my dress form) and made sure all her measurements matched mine.
According to the pattern, size 12 finished bust size is 41 1/2 inches.
Even though my waist and hip size is smaller than the size 12, I went with the bust measurement thinking I could grade the hip and waist down a bit.
Well..... silly me, I chose the size 12 because it was my EXACT bust measurement.
Yep, EXACT.... no wiggle room. What was I thinking?
In my defense, I did try it on Madeline a few times and didn't seem to have an issue.
It was when I tried it on I realized - WAY to tight at the bust
What in the heck is going on?
Then it hit me....
For some reason these dress forms don't have realistic boobs.
Have you ever noticed that?
The bust is shaped sorta like a man's chest - no real cup size.
Here is my solution.
Yep, I stuffed an old bra and re-measured.
Much better.
The Alma blouse size 14 finished bust measurement is 43 inches.
I am hoping the extra inch and a half will help solve this issue...
I think because the bust is so tight, it is causing the drag lines on the sides.
Even though it does fit a bit better on me - verses Madeline, the bust is still a little too tight.
The back seems to fit pretty well.
I have already purchased fabric for a new one in size 14.
I think it will be much easier to grade down the waist and hips rather than doing a full bust adjustment.
Besides, it will give me a reason to try out my new fancy little ruler. 
It's back to the drawing board cutting table....
See ya soon.

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Miss Crayola Creepy said...

I'm working on my muslin right now too :) Yours looks great!

Nothy Lane said...

I read some articles that suggest doing exactly what you did - put a bra on your dress form. I don't presently have a dress form so I can wish...I love the pink fabric you are making that muslin in.

Carrie said...

Genius idea with the stuffed bra!!
I love the polka dot fabric :-)

Debbie said...

Alas,to have bust 'issues'...I can only imagine *lol* Great deductive reasoning though! I really like the shape of the blouse and of course, the fabric :)

Meg the Grand said...

The muslin is fabulous! Love the polka dots especially. I'm excited to see your final version :)


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