Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have a new obsession...

While recuperating from my fall, I discovered U-tube.
I really never gave U-tube much thought before.
Okay, I know am behind the times, but I had no idea there were sewing videos posted.
Am I the ONLY one who did not know this?
(please lie to me)
Anyhow, I discovered  these cuties...

 Hand sewn hexagons.

Above is just a small stack.
I now have 117 of these cute little babies.
They are so much fun to make.
Since I am housebound right now and not able to get out to purchase one of the fancy smancy hexagon rulers, I decided to make my own pattern.
I downloaded a hexagon shape from my computer and printed it out.
Next I found an old file folder and traced out my hexie shape - many times.
I was able to get about 30 from one file folder.
I cut each hexagon out and I was ready to go.
I made about 30 of these babies before I discovered this trick.
A paperclip.
It really helps to hold the fabric in place while you stitch.
Below is what they look like from the back after stitching and removing the paper.
Here I stitched a few together.
Aren't they cute?
I found another use for my Tupperware too....
Even if you say your not interested in hand sewing, you need to give these a try.
They are so addicting.
I can't stop making them.
What in the heck do I do with these babies???

Any suggestions?
Cute little mug rugs maybe?

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Debbie said...

Oooooohh! Use different kinds of lace and make 'doilies'! This is very cool :)

Terri said...

Yes Lucy, I think you may be the only person that did not know that there was sewing videos on YouTube. I have gone there several times when I needed help (zippers, pillows, etc.). It is my "go-to" for all my projects when I need help.

Love your little hexagon thingy's...can't wait to see what all you come up with to do with them!

Laura Lane said...

What youtube video did you use to make these? I've wondered about them.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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