Friday, August 31, 2012

~ Friday's Favorites ~

I am here today to introduce my "Friday's Favorites" (if Oprah can have them, so can I).
Each Friday I will post something I think is useful, interesting or just plain fun - not necessarily sewing related. 
It may be my favorite recipe, blog, book, sewing notion, outfit, movie, pattern, etc. for that week.
You get the idea.
 For my very first Friday Favorites post I have two favorites.
 My all time favorite would have to be my Mother's Day gift from Mr. Fisherman back in 2001.

My Husquvarna Designer 1 sewing/embroidery machine - of course!

I remember telling him I didn't want it because it was just WAY too expensive.
Lucky for me, he refused to return it.
It took me about a day to realize it was worth EVERY SINGLE penny he paid.
She is now 11 years old and I still love her just as much as I did the day he bought her.

My second favorite this week happens to be in this picture also.
I am not sure exactly what to call it, but it's "sew" handy.

For now, I will call it a sewing maching caddy.
This one is made using prequilted fabric, store bought bias tape and reinforced vinyl I ordered from
 Nancy's Notions. You don't have to use the vinyl, but it sure helps to see whatcha got in your pockets at a quick glance.
No pattern necessary.
All you need to do is cut a rectangle large enough to fit under your machine and enough to hang over for your pockets. Round all four corners of your rectangle to make sewing the bias easier and quicker. Cut a strip of vinyl the width of the caddy for your pockets and trim everything out in bias tape. Easy as that!

Hope you enjoyed my first Friday Favorites post.

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Polly said...

I love the caddy! Too cute!!

Debbie said...

GREAT IDEA of Friday Favorites! I still need to make a sewing caddy...if we can ever finish our current project maybe that will happen... ;)

Johanna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. :)
I love your machine. I'm so glad you've gotten so much joy out of it!

Terri said...

Sigh....I have serious sewing machine envy! Lucky you!

Look forward to seeing more Friday's Favorites!


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