Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still celebrating my birthday...

 I just received THE sweetest birthday present in the mail today.

Danise (our daughter) sent these goodies with a note saying Oakleigh (my grandbaby) wanted to send me flowers for my birthday, but since the flowers couldn't fit into an envelope, they picked out a magazine and treats (see below)  to eat while I am out of commission.
They also sent a Starbucks gift card for when I am able to get out again.
 I can't wait to use that Starbucks gift card.
 Danise knows I LOVE Starbucks, but I am waaaayyy too cheap to buy it for myself.
(Perfect gift Danise).

One word of caution.....

Never mail M&M's in a manila envelope!
Too funny, but they still tasted WONDERFUL...

Making it an even more precious gift, Miss Oakleigh wrote "mimi Happy Birthday" on the envelope herself.
How cute is that? 

Thanks guys, for such a fun and appropriate birthday gift!
I love ya'll.


Debbie said...

Mimi: LOVE THE M & M's!!! How precious is that? :) xo

Ron and Diana Pike said...

This has been a dangerous summer! I fell in the creek chasing after grandkids and blew out my left knee. Three week later and I am still walking like an old lady. I say we all just stay in bed next summer. Hope your ankles heal soon! Diana from Closet Crafter


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