Monday, December 24, 2012

~ A little more Christmas ~

A few months ago Mr. Fisherman built me a few "old" tool boxes.
After seeing all the wooden boxes around the internet decorated for Christmas, I thought I would change one of mine up a bit and add a little Christmas to it.

I LOVE my "old" tool boxes.

I think he did a great job making them look old and worn, don't you?

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Terri said... little ol' boxes pale in comparison to these beauties! I love them and "yes!", he did do a great job of making them look old and worn, yet still very elegant! Kudos to Mr. Fisherman!

Happy Holidays!

Debbie said...

Absolutely beautiful :)

Candy said...

Love them. He did a great job.....and a great job of making them look 'loved'. I like your vintage sugar canister too. My Mom had one identical to this when I was a girl. It's strange how something like this can bring a memory.
Checkin to see if Im already following you. If not, Im now your newest follower. Bad when you can't remember things like this. (smile)

Patricia P. said...

Great toolboxes. Love your copy of the original Betty Crocker cookbook. I have my mother's copy, as well as the newer facsimile reprint which is exactly the same as the original.


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