Monday, July 7, 2014

~ Good enough ~

Do you ever get excited about sewing something and when your done, it turns out to be such a disappointment?  Not that the pattern was a disappointment, but your sewing was not up to par or your choice of fabrics wasn't quite right, etc. I have a box of disappointments. I'm not quite sure why I keep them, but I do. Do you keep your not so worthy projects or do you toss them?
I suggest you stash them for a bit, bring them out later and take another look.
You may find, they weren't so bad after all.
I bought this Favorite Things pattern years ago with the intention of making a few as gifts for my younger nieces.
Before making them as gifts, I decided to practice on myself.
I even took the time to add a bit of embroidery.
It has tons of pockets for cash or credit cards.
You can add a zippered pocket, a pocket with a flap or just pockets on both ends.
I opted for the quick and easy pockets on each end.
I was so disappointed in my sewing skills, I didn't even finish sewing the strap closure or the button on.
Funny, as I take a second look, it's a little wonky, not perfect, but....
it's really not that bad!
Sometimes I think we are so hard on ourselves if it's not perfect.
When really... good enough is, by definition, good enough.
Have a great day!


Kathy E. said...

Lucy, I don't see anything wonky with this at all! It turned out great and is so practical! I agree that we are hard on ourselves when we're creating things. We see photos on blogs and they look just perfect, but with our project in our hands, it's just so-so (or worse). We're always growing!

Debbie said...

Well said Kathy E! And yes, always growing :-D


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