Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Repurposing flannel sheets

Call me cheap (I prefer smart and thrifty), but I have a hard time throwing anything away I can recycle, repurpose or reuse.
 I grew up with a Mom who actually darned socks, so I come by it honestly.
My daughter sleeps on cuddly flannel sheets and when the elastic on the fitted sheet wore out, rather than throw it away, I chose to repurpose it into extra pillowcases.
I got 4 "new" pillowcases out of one twin sheet.

I'm thinking flannel pj's out of the flat sheet.


Debbie said...

Definitely jammies!

Nothy Lane said...

I like to re-purpose too. I love your "new" pillowcased.

Zefi said...

I've always made dog bed covers out of my old sheets and curtains.


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