Friday, April 23, 2010

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I found this little ceramic cutting board, another thrift store find, it was solid white.

 Not wanting to use it as a cutting board, I picked out one of my favorite quotes, added a little clipart, and printed it onto transparent film.
The transparent film clings to the surface making it easy to remove or change.

Shhhhhh...but don't tell anyone...
it's hiding an old phone jack on my kitchen wall.


Suzanne said...

Am intrigued by the transparent film... do you mean regular "overhead" transparency sheets like a business might use? Will you explain more about it?

I don't want to buy a CriCut and this could be an alternative to it.


FlyAwayHome said...

I used the Crayola Cling Art sheets for inkjet printers. I believe they are the same thing as the HP WINDOW CLINGS which should be available at any office supply store.


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