Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer vacation

Ever wonder what to do with all those shells you picked up
 on your summer vacation ?
Why not display them.

These shells are from a trip to Longboat Key, Florida.
I downloaded a photo of our family taken at the beach into Printshop, included the name of the beach at the top and our names at the bottom of the photo. This idea can be adapted to any vacation. Maybe a collection of river rocks, matchbooks, restaurant stir sticks, key chains from different places, or just a variety of little trinkets collected from your trip.
Not going out of town this summer? Your kids can collect things from their local adventures such as: Concert, theater or museum tickets, interesting shaped rocks from the park, driftwood, photos etc.

Whatever you do.....
Have a safe and wonderful summer vacation!


randee said...

what a beautiful jar of memories. i love the added touch of the photo tied on.

ANNALISA said...


Object of Maya*ffection said...

Very cute! The photo is such a fab sentimental original idea!


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