Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three day weekend...

a perfect time to get started on those Christmas stockings you didn't get completed last year.

Oakleigh's stocking

Mommy and Daddy's stockings to match.

Stocking for one of my daughter's teachers.

Below are a couple more teacher stockings...
 I am showing the stockings before I completed them to show how easy these were to make.
I do the (faux) cuff, heal, toe and embroidery all on the front, then stitch them together with the lining afterwards.

I made Terry a stocking and one for her cocker spaniel, Penny.

I know this one is a little strange but, Sandra loves leopard prints.

If you start now, you will have them completed, "stuffed" and scratched off your Christmas list by July.

Wouldn't that feel great?


Danise said...

I also love the "letter to santa" pocket on the back of Oakleigh's.

FlyAwayHome said...

I completely forgot to post a picture of the back. Thanks for reminding me.


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