Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've added a few gadgets

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!
I recently received the sweetest e-mail from a reader asking to subscribe to my blog.
 Subscribe to - my little blog ???
Really ???
I had no idea anyone would be interested enough to actually subscribe to it.
She went on to say how silly she felt because there was probably somewhere on my blog to subscribe but she couldn't find it.
She wasn't silly at all. She couldn't find it because it wasn't there!
I was so excited someone would want to subscribe; I've added both the "follow by e-mail" and the "subscribe to" features on my sidebar.
To all who follow, comment and/or subscribe.
I LOVE my readers! 


Debbie said...

:) NICE!

Marianne said...

Hi, I am the writer of the email and I am so happy to subscribe. I look forward to receiving your blog posts.


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