Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm a winner!

I am so honored to be one of the top 10 winners of The CSI Project's organization challenge.
I was so surprised.
My little laundry room ended up a winner.

Need more organization ideas - check out these talented winners.
Each week The CSI Project has a specific theme challenge.
How fun is that?
It might be painting one week, crafts another, Christmas count down, furniture DIY, etc.
You get the idea.
 They have something for EVERYONE - no matter your interests.
Now, hop on over and check them out.

You never know...
YOU could be chosen as a winner of the next The CSI Project's challenge.


Debbie said...

NICE! Congratulations!! :)

Terri said...

Congrats...doesn't it feel good to be recognized for your efforts?! Your laundry room definitely deserved to be turned out so cute!

Nothy Lane said...

Okay, you deserved to win. Your laundry room looks so cool! Congratulations!


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