Friday, June 21, 2013

Remembering the old days and learning new things.

Back before digital and all the cool photo editing programs photography was a hobby for me.
Mr. Fisherman and I even developed our own photos way back then. We never had an official darkroom, so we improvised. We would tape cardboard over the bathroom window, use the tub to line up our trays, balance the enlarger on the sink and roll a towel to cover any light coming through the bottom of the door. Sounds like a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun.
Even though that was almost 25 years ago, I can still remember the smell of those stinky chemicals we used for developing.
Digital has been a whole new ball game for me.
 Since purchasing my new camera last year, I haven't really had time to learn all about it.
I have so much to learn. Of course, aperture, shutter speed and ISO are all the same, but there are so many more options and editing programs to learn with digital.
Since I don't always get an opportunity to get out and about to practice, I took a few photos around the house.
 I am finding out how fun digital can be at very little cost.
In the past, we would purchase film, pay to develop, and then hope we had
at least one good photo come out of the bunch.
Even though I still have a lot to learn, I am having fun with not only my camera, but learning
Photoshop Elements 11.
Wish me luck!
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Debbie said...

From experience I know you can make your photos look *awesome*...Have FUN playing!!