Friday, August 2, 2013


Are you a "complainer of life"?
Maybe you don't even realize it.
We all know at least one of these people, don't we?
You know, the people whose life experiences are worse than anyone else in the world.
 No one has as many problems as he or she does.
Haven't we ALL had difficult experiences we deal with?
Because I am not "a complainer of life" others think I have no struggles.
 I do - they may be different from yours, but just as important.
Have you ever said to a friend "I totally understand and sympathize because; I too, have been there". Their answer to you is... "Yeah, but you don't have it as bad as I do - you just don't understand". 
You want to help them, but their issues are ALWAYS worse than ANYONE else.
Everyone else has a better job, bigger house, better behaved children, more time (this is just a matter of organization), more money, etc. They can go on and on.
They are stressed, disorganized, and unhappy with their lives in general.
They see only the negative and never the positive in their lives.
Does this sound like you?
I have someone very dear to me who struggles with this very thing.
(Okay, get over yourself, Debbie - It's not you.)
I believe it's the way we view our struggles that makes the difference.
We ALL have struggles in our lives.
 We can exaggerate the negative or try something different and exaggerate the positive instead.

Why not try incorporating something small in your day - every day - such as...

 Grat·i·tude noun \ˈgra-tə-ˌtüd
A feeling of thankfulness for blessing or benefits we have received.

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what blessings you do have - as opposed to - what you don't have.
It's said that living a life with gratitude is associated with happiness and well being.
I truly believe if you lead a grateful life you will pass it onto others.

I'm sure you have heard the saying "You can't change the direction of the wind, but you CAN adjust your sails".
I believe it's true.
Over my lifetime I have had to adjust my sails many times.
 I have always tried to remain grateful for what I do have and not dwell on the things I have lost or sacrificed through life struggles.

Today and every day, I am grateful.

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