Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lets party with The Dollar Tree!

My daughter attends school year-round. Yep, you heard right - no summer break.
The Parents Group at her school host a Friday night dance once a month.
 As a member of the Parents Group, I was asked to put together our beach themed door prizes for August.
We give out two door prizes - one for a girl and another for a boy.

I started at The Dollar Tree thinking I could pick up a couple cheap containers.
Look what I ended up with!

I purchased two of everything on my list (and the containers) at The Dollar Tree with the exception of the beach towels.
(The Dollar Tree beach towels are pretty cheesy)
I checked the clearance isle at Walmart and (lucky me) found two nice beach towels to include.
All wrapped and ready for the beach (themed) party.

Hope they like um!

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Sandy said...

That is too funny, I was just at the Dollar Tree yesterday picking up some items for gift baskets too! I made a Sunshine basket for a friend who is going through a rough time (bought a yellow basket and filled it with yellow things) and then a basket filled with toys etc. for a little boy we know who is in the hospital. Don't you just love Dollar Tree for projects like this?

Debbie said...

:) Love Dollar Tree! Ya did good!

Nothy Lane said...

What did we do before the Dollar Tree? I love that store. It has lots of teacher stuff cheap, which saves me tons on my classroom. And now you've opened up possibilities for gift baskets!


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