Friday, July 26, 2013

Minding your P's and Q's

"Have a good time and mind your P's and Q's" my mother would say.
I heard that saying many times growing up.
I never knew exactly what P or Q stood for, but I knew what it meant...
"behave yourself" and "mind your manners."
Funny, I never heard my mother say that to either of my brothers.
Did she think they didn't need to be reminded to mind their manners because they were always on their best behavior (NOT!) or did she think the boys wouldn't listen anyway?
I am thinking she thought the latter...
I love Loralie Designs and when I came across Miss P. Pod in her Fresh Picked Follies design pack, I just had to have her.
I purchased the design pack and got to work on my mother's birthday gift.
I do of course realize the "P" in "P's and Q's" doesn't stand for - the peas ya eat, but I couldn't resist.
Apron front
 Look closely, all her clothes and accessories are made of peas!
Isn't she cute?
Since the apron is reversible I needed to find fabric to use on the reverse side.
Can you believe I found fabric with peas on it!
Apron back
 I added a couple pockets on the reverse side and it was complete.
Have a great weekend everyone - just remember - whatever you do - mind your P's and Q's!
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Debbie said...

OMG I love this!!!

Terri said...

You are killing me here...and I don't have to tell you why!

Not only is that aprons stinkin' cute...but that design you added, is adorable. I can't believe you actually found fabric with peas on it! Your mom is going to love it!

I really like that the apron is reversible, did you use a pattern, or is that your own design?

Marianne said...

This might be the cutest apron I have ever seen made even more special by reading the story behind the design. Your are truly the master of embroidery and cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.

sew sweet vintage said...

Love your sweet apron! Pinning:) New follow for your page too:) Hope you follow back at my link:)


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