Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fitting Finesse

I know soon, this nasty, lingering, keep me up all night, cough will go away and I will feel
more like sewing.
Meanwhile, I am entertaining myself reading through my many sewing books.
 I LOVE books on sewing and have - more than I care to admit.
When my mother passed away, I inherited her collection also.
One of those books was Fitting Finesse by Nancy Zieman.
I love Nancy Zieman.
I have purchased many of her books and watch her show on a regular basis.
Nancy explains this book as her painless approach to fitting.
As I read through the pages I became more and more interested in this approach.
She calls it Pivot and Slide.

Nancy says the key to a great fit is choosing the right pattern, taking your accurate measurements and using this Pivot and Slide method.
No cutting, slashing, pinching or tucking - just this easy Pivot and Slide technique.
Looks pretty easy.
I was intrigued, so I started reading the reviews on this book; some good, some not so good.
Since I totally trust the opinion of my readers I though I would ask...
Have any of you tried this technique, if so, whadya think?
Is it as easy as it looks?


Naptime Seamstress said...

I have the book. I've read it. I think I understand it. I've tried it, but it didn't work. I am more than willing to say it was my fault that it didn't work because it was my first attempt at fitting a princess-seamed blouse on myself.

I would really like to try again -- I think my sewing skills have improved and perhaps it would work this time.

I'm looking forward to reading some other comments on Nancy's book.

Jamie and Shane said...

I know that I have read that this method doesn't work on princess seams, so that might be why "naptime seamstress" didn't have good results. I just bought Nancy's book "The Busy Woman's Fitting Book" at a thrift store, and it details this concept also. I am eager to try it, but still a little apprehensive. Have you tried it yet? Thanks. Jamie at


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