Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 Easy Steps To Recycling Your Candle Jars


Have you ever thrown out those old candle jars because you thought you couldn't get the candle residue out? 
 I am going to show you an easy way to clean and recycle those jars and put them to good use.
Step one.
Just pop the jar in the freezer overnight.
(Yes, I know, don't judge me... that's a HUGH container of ice cream it's sitting next to.)
Step two.
Remove it from the freezer and use something to break the frozen candle into pieces.
Preferably not one of your good CUTCO knifes like I used here, but maybe an old knife or screwdriver.
Step 3.
Now that it's broken into pieces you should be able to remove the broken pieces easily.
Step 4.
This particular brand candle has an easy peel sticker which peels right off leaving no sticky residue.
If you happen to have a glass jar that does not have this easy peel sticker you can use a little dab of Goo Gone to remove it.
Step 5.
Wash, rinse and dry.
I use a nylon scrubbing pad on the inside just to get any tiny little bits left inside.
Could it be any easier?
What will you reuse yours for?
Or maybe...
Just another candle.
The examples above are all using the small jars, but you can do the same with the larger jars.
Hope this was helpful.
Have a great day!
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Debbie said...

I LOVE Goo Gone! It is so very handy :) Great ideas!

Terri said...

Oooohhh, I love the idea of using Ice Cream salt with the candles...I usually just use Epsom Salts, but the "chunkiness" of the salt looks awesome! TFS!