Saturday, September 28, 2013

What says... "Smile and say cheese"?

My new camera strap!

For something so simple this thing became a bit of a "pain in my patootie".
I wanted to make a slipcover to fit tightly over my existing camera strap that would not slide out of place and could easily be removed for washing. The existing strap was pretty flimsy. I prefer a nice padded strap, so I added a couple layers of fleece in between.
 Sounds simple until you try to turn that thick, padded strap right-side out and slide it onto the existing strap. I wanted to make sure it fit snugly and I only gave myself about a quarter of an inch difference between the width of the existing strap and the new one. What was I thinking?
It was sooooo tight it took both me AND Mr. Fisherman to wrestle that baby on over the existing strap.
It's not going anywhere.
(Maybe not even in the wash).
I made the entire strap with the serger except for the top stitching.
Even though it was a bit of a wrestling match trying to slip it on,
 I am really happy with the end result.

Now, smile and say "cheese"!

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Debbie said...

Nice!! :)

Terri said... always! I wish you would go into business with your cute designs. You could probably get rich just off of me! Love this camera strap!


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