Tuesday, July 24, 2012

~ bend-the-rules SEWING ~

  When it comes to sewing, I have always been a "sew by the rules" kinda gal, so
to bend the rules didn't seem quite right to me.

Until now....

I purchased this book via the internet - mostly out of curiosity.
It turned out to be a fun little addition to my sewing library.

Most the patterns in this book are quick, easy and use very little fabric.

I chose the No Cash Wallet as my first project.

This is a perfect little wallet for you gals who carry only debit or credit cards.

 I tested the pattern first using a few scraps from my stash.

Here it is opened.

Folded once...

...and snapped closed to secure your cards.

While it was not my best sewing, I still think it turned out pretty cute.

It certainly taught this "sew by the rules" gal to have fun and bend-the-rules a bit.


p.s.phyllis sews said...

Good for you to try something different! I know what you mean about rules.. Maybe that's an idea for future projects for you and me!

Debbie said...

Too cute! and I do carry only id and debit card on the weekends :)


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