Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Favorites

My favorite sewing storage.

Yep. Bait or tackle boxes.
(I married a fisherman - what did you expect?)
They work great for storing my embroidery threads.
These bait boxes are inexpensive, sturdy and can hold quite a few threads in each box.
They come in different sizes too.
I use the smaller ones for all sorts of stuff.
When you purchase these bait boxes, they come like this:
You can keep them together or snap them apart.
Look how nicely they stack.
Perfect for fishing tackle sewing supplies, don't you think?


Debbie said...


Terri said...

Well, look at you all organized AND color coordinated! Love this idea and can think of a million different uses...can you tell me what store you purchase these from?

Anonymous said...

I knew some of MY Tackle Boxes were disappearing?????
Now I know where to find them............IN YOUR SEWING ROOM!!!!:)


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