Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recycled denim shirt collar

I received a comment from Debbie asking how I sewed the collar on my recycled denim shirt.
 I thought I would share with everyone how easy it is to give an old shirt a new look - just by changing the collar.

Here goes...

First, I ironed the collar really flat and traced it onto tissue paper.

I then cut my pattern about 1/2 inch larger than my traced line.

After cutting my pattern out I started in the center and neatly tucked and pinned the extra 1/2 inch under along the edge.

The points are a little tricky, but just keep working it under and around the corner.
You can do it.

Once you have it pinned, take it to the sewing machine and top stitch all the way around.

And, there you have it !

Could it be much easier?


Debbie said...

You make things look SO easy and of course all of your experience helps! Thank you for the tutorial! It's much 'clearer' in my head :)

Kelley Highway said...

You're a genius! I have done this before, so I figured you did it just as you showed. Really adds to your adorable find... on the (dirt) cheap! Sweet!

dpeele said...

I really like that pattern.

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Thanks for showing this. I want to do this and figured that I would probably rip out the collar. No need!! Love your explanation!!


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