Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm on a roll...

After reorganizing my patterns I dove into my sewing room closet.
I am tossing or reorganizing EVERYTHING in my sewing room.
A few years ago I got on a kick of sewing totes and handbags.
I didn't really use them - just had fun making them.
I found this bin in the closet FULL of bags and totes.

Most of them I have blogged about in the past but I had forgotten about this one.
My flamingo tote.
I couldn't resist those cute little flamingo faces so I appliqued a few more at the top.
 Aren't they cute?
Not only did I forget I made this tote... I forgot how darn cute it was.
Think I'll start using it.........


Debbie said...

Can't go wrong with flamingo's! ;o (I'm still using my Deb's Happy Juice margarita bag *lol*)

Terri said...

There is something about flamingos that make me smile...this did just that. Love it!


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