Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alma Blouse #2

I absolutely LOVE this pattern.
It's simple and easy to sew.  Unfortunately, I have gained 10 a few pounds since my little accident and I can't quite get the fit the way I like it. Mostly because I hope to lose those extra pounds soon (and then some) and didn't want to take the time to fit a blouse for my weight gain.
 I am sure my original Alma will fit perfectly after I lose a bit.
Since my first Alma Blouse was a bit tight at the bustline, I decided to just go up a size larger and grade the waist and hip line down. I think these patterns are geared towards pear shaped gals so this pattern does seem to be a bit too wide in the hips for me. For my first Alma I made a size 12 and I graded the waist and hips to a 10. Other than the bust, it fit pretty well.

Don't get me wrong... it's wearable - just a little too snug in the bust for my taste.

Here's my second try...

I cut the size 14 (for the bust size) and thought I would grade the waist and hips to a 10.
  I was a little afraid of getting the waist and hips out of proportion by going down two sizes, so I only graded down to the 12.
In the picture above you can't tell with my hands are on my hips, but I think I should have attempted to grade down to the 10.

In the picture below you can see I have about 4 extra inches at the hip - each side.

The only other issue I had making the size 14 was the neck line.
It's not so noticeable in the photo, but I am narrow across the shoulders so the size 14 neckline is a bit loose.
 I probably could have taken an inch or so out of the neck line and it would have laid much nicer.

 I think I will hold off making my next Alma Blouse until I get rid of my extra ten plus pounds...
In the meantime, I am working on a little recycle project for my daughter.
Stay tuned....



Debbie said...

I think the little 'flair' at the hips look cute on the polka dot but love both fabrics...those lbs will just drop off now that you're movin' around! (And 10 is better than 50!)

dpeele said...

I really like the fabric on the second one. And I'm not sure in the 30 years I've known you that I've seen your finger nails painted. :)

Terri said...

Super cute, Lucy! I love that paisley print, those colors look amazing together!

Anonymous said...

You will not believe this, but I made the same exact Alma Blouse out of the same exact paisley fabric!


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