Thursday, October 4, 2012

I come by it honestly....

I noticed Terri at Fresh Cut Flours left the following comment on yesterdays post:
"I will bet that eventually you will not have one "scrap" of are always able to whip up something cute out of all the bits and pieces! Can't wait to see what you create with these!"

I had to laugh because cleaning out my mother's sewing room I found theses quilt squares she made from some of her
(as Terri calls them) bits and pieces.

I found 15 of these 14x14 quilt squares.

 Seven more she had sewn together making one long strip.

I also found rows and rows of these.

As they say....

Like mother - like daughter.


Debbie said...

Like mother, like daughter - now that's a great nod to Mrs B and a blessing for you :) I also can't wait to see what you 'whip up'!!

Terri said...

Haha...this post made me laugh! Tell your kids to be prepared!


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