Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Overload

What's Baby Overload, you might ask???

It's when you have three nieces pregnant at the same time, all due in the same month - April.
Two of my nieces are having boys and the third, a girl.
My niece, Sara, is already sending me ideas of what she wants me to make for little
 Braelynn Danielle.
  One of the first things she requested was a minky blanket with Braelynn's name appliqued on it.
Sara has chosen to decorate Braelynn's room in zebra and pink.
Staying with that black, white and pink theme, I chose fabrics for her minky blanket.

I am using white minky for the front and pink and white polka dot flannel for the back.
This is my first time sewing with minky.
So far, I am realizing minky is a bit of a challenge to work with.
 Because minky is so soft and so stretchy, it took me FOREVER to "square it up".
Wish me luck!


Sandy said...

Wow, Congratulations to all! Love the name Sara has chosen. Yes, minky can be quite a pain. Every tutorial I have ever seen where someone uses minky, I always see this: PIN, pin, pin, and then pin some more! Good luck :)

Debbie said...

Best of luck! Oh my heavens - babies!! But of course am lovin' the *pink*


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