Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two tips you need to know BEFORE sewing with minky

Tip number one....

Invest in a gazillion pins!

No, really...
 ...a gazillion.

If your not quite sure how many a gazillion is - try making a minky blanket - you will find out.


Tip number two
 (This should probably be tip number one)

Fine tune your patience!
(Believe me, you will need this one)

I have never had a fabric try my patience quite as much as minky.
A few days ago I couldn't wait to get started.
Now, I this EVER gonna end???


Diane said...

Hang in there my friend....I am cheering you on!! I am sure once it is done it will look wonderful...can't wait. Hugs, Diane

Debbie said...

Ommmmmm - Zen with the fabric ;o One stitch at a time and then when it's finished you can have a 'dessert' of Almond Joy in your coffee!

Terri said...

Haha...I don't have patience so scratch "minky" from my list! Good luck, I know it will be awesome when you get it done!


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