Monday, February 3, 2014

Fashion trends

A few years ago I walked into a small, fancy shmancy ladies clothing boutique near my home.
I should have known as I pulled my minivan into the parking lot between the Jaguar and Mercedes, it might not be my kind of place, but I was curious.
They had beautiful clothing.
 I found a little white linen blouse I liked and checked the price tag...$335.00.
Come in the heck do these designers justify $335 for a yard of linen and a couple buttons?
Trying to act cool and not run screaming from the store, I continued to look.
They had an entire rack of designer jeans ranging from $295 to $480.
I did find a nice pair with a bit of embroidery on the bottom of the pant leg for just under $300.
Still - WAY outta my price range!
I thanked the ladies behind the counter and strolled out the door.
I decided to experiment and made my way to the closest thrift store where I found a perfectly good pair of (slightly used) jeans for $2.
Grant it, they were not a fancy name brand for $2, but I didn't care.
 The fancy designer name is usually on the pocket or waist band; I figured if I didn't tuck my shirt tail in... Who's gonna know - nor did I care.
I took my slightly used jeans home, washed them, dried them and took the inside seam out of the pant legs up to the knee.
I embroidered my design and stitched the inside seam back up.
For just $2, thread, stabilizer and a little of my time, here is the finished project.
I wore these one season and haven't worn them since.
My question is...
Are my $2 jeans now IN or OUT of fashion?


Kathy E. said...

You may ask if they are in or out of fashion. I ask, "Who cares?". If you like them, wear them! I'd wear them! Of course, I'm no Paris Hilton, but I wear what I like and I get compliments. OK, now I've got to look through my designs to see what I can embroider on my jeans....

Debbie said...

Ditto Kathy E! Seasons do not matter as long as you like it!! Be a rebel girlfriend!! :)

pbrenner said...

I agree with Kathy and Debbie - who cares! I think they look great. FWIW, I am on the Miss Rodeo Texas pageant committee (the grunts who put the pageant on, lol) and lots of the younger girls are wearing very elaborately embroidered jeans with rhinestones.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for Experimenting with your jeans and not mine ! !:-)