Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Never Dull Wadding polish

A couple of years ago my best bud, Debbie, gave me a set of mismatched silverware as a gift.
I just thought it was the coolest thing.
Anyhow, I decided to display the silver in an old wooden box with a few other items.
As I was dusting one day I realized my silver had become extremely tarnished.
I first tried Tarn-X.
After much rubbing nothing was coming off.
 My silverware looked exactly like it did before I started.
The bottle says "simply wipe and rinse".
 Nope. No change.
After complaining to Mr. Fisherman, he went to his workshop and brought me back a can of
 EAGLE ONE Never Dull Wadding Polish.
It comes in a can and looks like a big wad of fiberfill stuffing.
You just pull a piece off and gently rub it onto your silver.
Just takes a minute and your silver is shiny as new.
No messy liquid or rags to deal with.
What a difference!
On another note....
She's here!
My new neighbor, the one I made the welcome gift for... she's here!
She is just adorable and we found we have a lot in common.
I can't wait to invite her over for coffee and dessert.
Anyone have any yummy recipes you would like to share?


Debbie said...

That's some miracle stuff!! Tried and true :) Pics from the 'coffee party'!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gorgeous.............
Can I have my can of Never Dull back now ?