Thursday, February 6, 2014

The dangers of sewing

My plan for yesterdays post was to show you the sewing project I am currently working on.
After about 20 minutes of sewing... I decided to gather everyone together for a (good ol' common sense) safety meeting instead.
It's true what they say about "the right tools for the right job".
Sometimes you need a little help guiding your fabric through your machine. 
Sometimes I use my stiletto...
or (my favorite) a handy wooden skewer from the kitchen.
Either of these work great for guiding your fabric as you sew.
Your finger!
Yep. Sewed right over it.
You can see in the picture below where the needle went through...
Luckily the needle missed my nail; I think that may have been worse.
I apologize for the graphic photos, but I am hoping the photos will be effective in reminding you about the importance of safety as you sew and the importance of...
Geezzz...where was mine????

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pbrenner said...

Oh my, I have felt that pain and humiliation! My old Pfaff 7570 sewed right over my middle finger a few years ago, unfortunately leaving a 1/4" piece of needle inside my finger. The PA at the clinic laughed at me a little bit (after numbing it up, thank goodness) ... then said men were worse getting fish hooks caught in various places :-)

I hope it feels better real soon, and that you have no blood stains on your project,


Polly said...

Yup! Been there, done that several times...even right through the nail...sigh! Hope it heals up really quickly!!

Debbie said...

OMG! First glad you're ok and thanks for the safety message and second - GROSS! haha

Anonymous said...

Oh Gee Whiz....its just a little bitty NEEDLE, stop your whining and belly aching.!!!
FISH HOOKS and SAW BLADES they are the cause for some pain & suffering!!!
Oh yeah forgot to mention HAMMERS too! OUCH !!!


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