Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Christmas gift....


I have a niece and nephew who LOVE to craft.
I found this COLOSSAL box of crafts at Borders. 
The box includes painting, clay projects, puppet making, bracelet making and more. 
To keep their clothes clean from all these crafts, I personalized each a craft apron.

I have used this same idea many times.
It's a quick and relatively inexpensive gift and the kids love it.
I will be wrapping it today and on to my next Christmas project.
Some of you may think "has she lost her mind".... Christmas???
Does she not know we are in the month of August?
Yes, I do know we are in the month of August.
 It's just such a good feeling to have all your gifts completed and wrapped ahead of schedule and be able to actually relax and enjoy the holiday season. 
Try it this will be glad you did!

1 comment:

Mine for the Making said...

adorable!!! you will be finished with christmas gifts before you know it!



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