Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hanger cover

A few of you have asked about my hanger cover.
Having no pattern, I decided to experiment on myself first.
Below is the first one I made.
I found it really easy to make a pattern.

To make a pattern I traced around a wooden hanger and added a
1/2 inch seam allowance.
I made this one using scrap linen and lace from my stash.

I thought it turned out pretty cute for a "scrappy experiment".
Here it is hanging in my guest bathroom.

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Terri said...

This is adorable, Lucy. Don't you just love it when you are able to create something on your own and have it turn out so perfect...and with scraps none the less! And of course the machine embroidery is beautiful as well. You need an ETSY shop, if you don't already have one!

Susan said...

Very pretty, did you embroidery it?

FlyAwayHome said...

Thanks ladies,

Susan - yes, I did embroider it prior to cutting it out.

Terri - I have thought about ETSY but I was afraid nothing would sell.

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

How pretty! Now you've given me some ideas, I'll have to try them out. You are so clever.

Kara said...

I agree with Terri, Lucy. It's time to think etsy!!!

GORGEOUS once again! Nicely done friend!



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