Monday, August 9, 2010

Rainy day sewing

Some people nap when it's rainy outside, I sew.
I needed a trash bag for my car and decided to experiment.
(Of course, Mr. Fisherman had to have one too...)

I made these out of trigger and lined them with a fusible stabilizer to give them some stiffness.
They are made in two pieces; the back piece is cut 7x14, the front 9x14.
The extra 2 inches gave me room to make two pleats in the front. I thought by doing a couple of pleats on the front piece (instead of squaring the bottom off like a tote) it would lay flat in the back and the front would gap open to
easily toss trash into it.
Yippee! It actually worked. No boning needed to hold the top open.


It also gave me an opportunity to try out this adorable design from
I love her designs, they always stitch out perfectly.


The fly on Mr. Fisherman's trash bag I purchase through , another great site.

Enjoy your day.... I will be cleaning my car!


Mine for the Making said...

Love them!!! Such a great idea to make them yourself...I am currently using a plastic bag!!! Your bags are def cuter :)

Happy Monday!

Kara @ mine for the making

Kimberlee said...

Very cute! Are your pleats at the bottom of the back or the top? I can't quite see on the black fabric.

FlyAwayHome said...

Thanks ladies.

Kimberlee - the pleats are in the bottom front of the bag. I am glad to see you are ok.. I was getting a little worried, you haven't answered my e-mail about the giveaway.

truckermomma said...

You know, I have been looking through your blog and I gotta say, your embroidery machine works overtime. hehe I have one too and I can honestly say people tell me I embroider too much but you have me beat. Beautiful work!


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