Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet Terri...

Actually, I just met Terri a few weeks ago myself.
We first met when she wrote me a sweet e-mail to say how I had inspired her to brush up on her sewing skills. My mom would be so proud!
Terri describes herself as an "artsy fartsy" type of person. Calls herself "Jack of all trades, master at none", lol.  Her latest passion is cookie decorating and told me she was in the process of starting a cookie blog.
 Well, who doesn't like cookies?
She now has her cookie blog up and running. It's called Fresh Cut Flours. Don't you just love that name?
And just look at these cookies....

Aren't they adorable?
(Of course, I'm a little partial to the ladybugs)
Terri even shares her favorite cookie recipe.
She has so inspired me to try my hand at cookie decorating.
I am hoping to pick up a few tips as a follower of

You never know...
you may even see a few of my cookie creations on FlyAwayHome one day. 
Thanks Terri, and good luck on your new blog.
I can't wait for your next post.


Sp4rk1e said...

oohh they are so pretty....i imagine they taste delish too!! :)

Terri said...

Hi Lucy - Just wanted to thank you again for the "shout out"!

I came by today and wanted to comment on that darling purse you made, but for some reason I can't click on the post option! Anyhoo, I love it, it was hard for me to get past all those pins you put in...I would make a horrible student, cuz' I would have probably put about 10, lol!

Farah said...

Yor Bag... its great very lovely and trendy.....May be I try it soon, love the pattern and print of fabric...


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