Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Decor

I love Halloween, but Mr. Fisherman does not, so I compromise and just add a few tiny bits of Halloween to my fall decor.

Like my spiders and ravens...

and my "oh so scary" BOO banner made from fabric and felt....

Isn't it cute?
I purchase the embroidery design for this banner from Embroitique.
When you purchase the design it comes with the letters A thru Z and a blank to add your own design. The "B" was stitched using the Embroitique letter "B", but I found it took a very long time to stitch out and felt it used WAY too much thread just to stitch the lettering. The letter "O" came from another font I had. 
Don't misunderstand.... I LOVE this little banner design and would purchase from Embroitique again.
I just chose to use a much quicker font for my design. 


Kara said...

Love your Halloweeny touches! I have ravens and spiders in my house too :) And I LOVE your BOO banner! I have a set of BOO Blocks that I made, but I totally need a banner to hang up!

Amy Kinser said...

Very neat decor. Your banner is great.


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