Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kember's baby shower gifts

First, I want to thank my blogger buddies for your well wishes.
I am about 60% back to normal and hoping to be 100% soon.

And... thanks to "Mr. Fisherman", my sweet hubby, for letting everyone know I was a bit "under the weather". Although it was very sweet of him to post for me, I became a little concerned  he would start entertaining you with fishing, hunting or
some sort of auto part stories....
 I thought I better get back in the swing of things VERY quickly!

Now that the baby shower is over, I thought I would share my finished projects.
(I did not make any of the onsies or pants - just embroidered on them).

We all know what little boys are made of, right?
Of course we do - snakes and snails....

And of course sports...
Grandpa's fishing buddy shirt...

A long-sleeved onsie with basketball hoop and initials, blue jeans and a matching burp.

Or maybe baseball....

I just love this baseball fabric.

For the matching burps I cut the fabric in a "peanut" shape and used terrycloth
for the embroidered side.
Very easy project.

A few more outfits....

I  thought this little tow truck was cute and just wanted to incorporated his name into the design.

Again, just used terrycloth for the bib and a soft denim for the back.

Zippered pouch for the baby wipes

How simple this was to put together.
I found the hooded towel at Target, the washcloths and the cute little blue duck
 at Wal-Mart.

Okay, THIS ONE I will have to explain.....
You see.... Kember is named after his Daddy's favorite gun manufacturer, his sister, Oakleigh, was named after the sunglasses. The spelling was changed on both - from Oakley to Oakleigh and Kimber to Kember.

Here is the basket before wrapping.
I also included a baby blanket, baby powder, baby wash and a football.

All wrapped and ready to go.

Of course the package could not go out without something in it for Miss Oakleigh...
A backpack, coloring book, stickers, I'm a Big Sister book and a "big sister" tee shirt.

Whew! I think I am done for now.
If you want something more girly, check out Oalkeigh's basket here.

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Kara said...

BEST GIFTS EVER!!! All so adorable! I love the burp cloths (hoping for a tutorial???) and I love that you personalize everything. LOVE! I also love that you got big sister gifts so she wouldnt feel left out. You are AWESOME!!! Glad you are back! Hoping you feel 100% soon my bloggy friend!


Karrie said...

Wow! That's a lot of amazing stuff!
Lucky grandbaby! :)

Debbie said...

So very glad you are on your way back to wellness :) LOVE all the baby treasures - as always everything is just gorgeous! Having trouble sending this so hopefully there won't be a dozen entries!

Ssanchez said...

Very Nice Baby Gifts, Congratulations!

Terri said... this baby (and sister) going to be the cutest dressed kids or what?! Everything is phenomenal and the most amazing workmanship that I have ever seen. A true labor of love, I am sure.

You know that this just makes me want to talk you into selling on ETSY even more, right?! Love it!

Glad you are on the mend!

Karrie said...

Thanks for the comment! Glad to have you along :)

Anonymous said...

Auto Parts story ???
Everybody like's to hear a fishin' story and I never really got started.

Kimberly said...

my gosh! How much work was that??? AWESOME gifts! (and I bet Okleigh totally appreciated her big sister present)

LuckyStarErin said...

awesome gift!

Baby Games said...

wow great, lovely items. it so cool and i loved this basket is under his name..
Mickey Buarao


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